Napier House hole in the ground

update on Napier House site


Talking to Land engineering about possibilities - the drop down from the road is deep dangerous and only protected on one side by harris fencing - which is coming apart - we discussed using Gabions - a steel cage filled with rockto create terracing but apparently this is pretty expensive


Personally suspect we could use those massive lorry / tractor tyres filled with rubble all of which should come in free because it costs to put em in the dump - and in the end if / when site contractors need to clear the land should not involve too much excess work /cost for them to clear considering the situation - but land engineering say that the original contractors should not have left the site in dangerous condition and therefore it is up to them to remedy the situation


Spoke to local councillor discussed a letter to A McMillan who organised the demolish in exchange for communal land (Orchard Common) adjoining his property - the Shed - where they kept the paints etc for the Gravings Docks -  council will look into it - then there were the elections since when it has taken a while to set up surgeries and now I keep missing them and his email dont work - think a morning on the phone is in order .. sigh

We have been thinking about young people in council estates and wondering what are they missing out on by not having a house and garden like other young people


Garden spaces to play and watch things grow - and steal the peas and strawberries

Garden sheds / garages - no space to mess around engines and build bikes and go carts etc


A couple of containers for closes with no bike storage spaces for bikes and prams might be the answer to the old bike sheds or yore.  and what about a main container for building and repairing things?

Riverside, Linthouse, Elphinstone and Crossloan could all use one of those


A few walls to practice tennis would be nice and good for the eyesight too!!


Areas that might use a community garden space - this should be images but trouble uploading awaiting support info

Helen St's Rubbish - images to follow as soon as this blip resolved

Update June 2012


Well things are looking up and it may be that next year we have a green gym and this year some community beds in local schemes around Govan

So the plants are growing hopeful of finally being allowed into the real earth and there may be some seeds to join em


The local young people have interested members and we await LES for further info where / when / now - more to follow


Ah but the wheell of GCC don't half grind slowly - no wonderr people give up



Communal Back Green Spaces

Update on Napier House and beyond


Finally it turns out that GHA do not own Napier House at all and therefore are not able to give it to the community to work with / make safe


I spoke to a number of groups and was advised to make contact with Glasgow Life's Clare Robertson - She is very interested and is gonig to explore the background


Personally i thinik the community would benefit from a retail outlet / cafe for local crafts and arts works - there is some great local art and crafts around. There are also art groups around who may offer outlets - the cinema promises something like that when it gets going

Apparently the gov is quite interested in helping people including arts and crafts workers to become independant of benefits - hmm still selling art is hard


Walking back from the city the other night suddenly the hole in the ground at Napier House holds some appeal - great space for a garden and space to kcik play a ball against a wall without irritating the neighbours or rolling onto the road or smashing through a window.  Yound people in the scheme seem to be enjoying roller hockey - plenty space here for that or football  :)


Have updated the design accordingly


Good news is bike master Uula has acquired premises in Clydebrae St


Uula makes bikes and has created a brilliant bike from a shoping trolley and another twin bike come with useful platform

This can be ridden by one person or two


Uula is such a craft master that his bikes are easy to ride and I am sure he is a very welcome addition to the community

Bike Station also have funding to fix bikes for free and will be happy to attend any event to do just that

Well Occupy Glasgow is still going folks - just perhaps not in full sight right now


Occupy Edinburgh were accepted by Edinburgh Council last year and are now negociating office space to get this party jumping - will they become Occupy Scotland, will they remain Occupy Edinburgh, will they be a pressure group, will they become a party - time will tell


Meanwhile Glasgow City Council offered the Kelvin Grove site to the Occupy Glasgow pleading for them to move off the square in time for Rememberance Sunday and the Ice Fest to follow - their case was that citizens of Glasgow had been given tickets to bring their families along and we would be spoiling Xmas


Well we good hearted people listened and believed that we would be back after ice festivites were over - trooped on down to Kelvin Grove which apparently Parks did not realise was a swamp and that was before the rain


Generally negocations with the council were fairly peaceful they were a tad upset that someone had painted a couple of artworks on the portable toilets provided not realising that the units would be lifted out every week and replaced with new ones - apparently the contractor had decided this would cost the council around £300 - plus or minus the bill for repairing a lock on the disabled toilet unit door

Thankfully we were able to help the council out on this one simply by scrubbing off the artworks - they were only in acrylics - sad though becuase they were quite fun - and point out the the lock had never worked inthe first place


Another site was set up in Blyeswood Square - posh site for posh area - it looked great Glasgow City should have been proud to have such a pretty Occupy camp in their midst to engage the tourists


Well the snow and ice came cheery camp fire sing-a-longs were had and then came the big howling gale 'hurricane bawbuster

The council asked campers to go home for the night - they explained it would be dangerous with falling limbs and such

And mysteriously in all that wind and rain the major tent was burnt down

So camp was closed tents were washed from leeches and mud food donated distributed to other places who distribute food

The council were very kind and helpful in moving stuff around and many members came along to help tidy up

In the end resources were low on the ground and we were not able to take everything away so had to leave it for the council workers to deal with but think we left the camp site looking pretty decent considering

They sent us homewards tae think again


Napier House Plot Suggestion
Napier House Plot Suggestion

One of the sites suggested by Lesley McGregor is the hole in the ground which was Napier House


The drop is quite deep but think we could get around this by using rubble to fill in terraces - I am wondering if rubble is something that builders have to pay to dump so would be quite happy to give us for free


There are a number of old broken kerb stones from the current project around Riverside at the moment and a heap of rubble we might be able to use


I still like the idea of having a small garden down by the ferry with tyres beans herbs tomatoes and sweetcorn etc for fun and colour

We hope to emulate Edinburgh Community BackGreen Spaces and work with the local housing authorities to create some community gardens spaces and allow community members to plant around the closes without fear of being uprooted or incurring the wrath of the corporation


We meet with Lesley McGregor today at the Riverside Halls at 2pm

Have also talked with Moyna McGlyn about the piece of land at the back of Govan Old which is a tip right now


Attended a conference with Nourish Scotland and several members were supportive

Generally many councils have been encouraging such projects - which technically improve the areas for free as far as they are concerned - and the idea seems to have the support of both Holyrood and London, so fingers crossed not too much beaurocratic stuff before we can make a start after the redevelopment team have done their bit