The tree on the Riverside Scheme have mostly gone but have we finally found Doomster Hill ?

For the past few months they have been redeveloping the land around Riverside


This is an environmental landscaping project


So they started on the local trees.  Many trees were marked.  We knew some would be coming down.  A few neighbours do nt get much light to their flats and have to use the electricity during the day.  Fair do.  We thought the rest would get some surgeoning - broken boughs trimmed.  The trees outside my window are ash... were ash.  A glorious riot of golden reds in the autumn.  To my knowledge they were not marked for the cut.  All trees for the cut or care had a red cross. 


I was surprised when the Purple Tree Care company started up outside my window one sunny morning.  They were making a nice job, removing broken boughs, and generally thinning, as I thought, so I wasn't very concerned because those trees weren't marked.  And then they kept on going.  I went out and found that the red crosses were sneakily on the only side of the trunk passers by would not see.  The trees are on a mound, and not really obstructing any light.


Meanwhile, as can be seen from the images below, a number of trees which stand directly in front of properties blocking the light are still standing.  and of course the new builds on the south side of Govan Road will take a lot of light away when winter comes and the sun doesn't rise so high.


One of the images was quite interesting.  The trees look almost like standing stones in their topless state.  Fingers to the sky.  Have we finally found Doomster Hill!!??

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