Community gardens for Riverside, Crossloan and the White Scheme

Would be nice to emulate Edinburgh Community Backgreen Association groups, and work with the local housing authorities to create some community garden spaces


We meet with Lesley McGregor Monday at the Riverside Halls tomorrow at 2pm.  We are considering the ground beside the ferry which is still undeveloped.  Also Napier House and a piece of ground at the back of Govan Old, which is a tip full of bottles and cans and other rubbish.  The point is to find ground which the children come along and work without having to cross any major roads.


There was a Nourish Scotland conference at the Pierce Institute this weekend, discussing sustainable farming in Scotland, how to encourage people to consider supporting local farmers and buy local produce.  Members are committed to the health and welfare of the community, which includes community control over the food system, "resisting the agro-industrial system and expanding and consolidating a strong European movement for Food Sovereignty". 


It might be interesting to consider using the Graving Docks in some way to assist in restoring the river bed of the Clyde Estuary, which has been seriously smashed up by the dredgers and trawlers leaving the river beds barren.  Clyde Waterfront are encouraging communities to "design and plan their own ‘wildlife reserve’ or ‘green space’"


Generally many councils have been encouraging such projects - to add character and engender community interest in nature and the environment - and the idea seems to have the support of both Holyrood and London, so fingers crossed not too much beaurocratic stuff before we can make a start after the redevelopment team have done their bit

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