Update Community Gardens GHA Meeting

We had a meeting with GHA Lesley McGregor to discuss the possibility of a bit of land for Riverside Community Garde.  The back of Govan Old and the hole in the ground where Napier House used to be were cited as possibles- but we are also interested in the piece of land beside the ferry which is as yet undeveloped and would fantastic with tyre planters full of beans and nasturtiums and tomatoes and herbs etc.  The plan is to have a piece of land that would not mean children having to cross a road to join in the fun


Lesley told us there may be funding up to £2500 to help pay for compost and materials - Napier House ground would need some major security to prevent the public falling over the edge.  Possibly dry stone walling could be the solution.  There may be some group such as Galgael who would be interested in holding dry stone walling courses. 


The Woodlands project was similar in dealing with a large hole in the ground and it would be useful to contact persons involved with the development to find out how and where they resourced materials from


I understand that Woodlands had a fairly substantial grant to see them through but may be able on hindsight to show us cheaper options.  Am sure builders will happily give us loads of rubble to create pathways and different levels and we can get compost from Scottish Hydro, and tyres from many resources and hopefully use our imaginations to find other containers, and maybe even an old vehicle such as a minibus or pallets for a greenhouse?  Dont know if a wee bus would fit in but it would be fun for the kids to play in the driving seat area as an added bonus - and wee plants love and grow well when children are around.  Except of course the glass is always a problem, perhaps better to stick to pallets and plastic sheeting


Meanwhile Moyna McGlyn has promised to look into the use of the ground at the back of Govan Old - Thanks Moyna

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