Community Gardens In Govan

Map of Community Gardens in Glasgow

Elder Farm Community Garden : The grounds surrounding the last standing building or the original Fairfields Farm Steadings bought for the people of Govan by Lady Elder.  Now called Elder Farm in an attempt to get local community members find them, volunteers have turned waste land into a great wee garden goring free food for the community and sharing the various pleasures of having a garden with the local community who have none but would like one


Crossloan : Crossloan trees have been felled and the greenspace grassed over.  the area sadly lacks anywhere for the young people to play.  Residents would like to grow plants in the close green spaces


The White Scheme : The white scheme has a few meandering tracks and a great wee play area for the young people to enjoy. 


Riverside :  Riverside trees have been felled and a few small gardens in the close green space have been dug up, during building renovations.  The play areas are mostly gone save for the basket ball court

  An area has been designated for the young tennants of the Riverside to try their hand at gardening


Edinburgh Community Back Greens Association

We hope you will find community gardens in Glasgow on the map below - if your garden is missing please let us know

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Allotments in Glasgow

High Carntyne - Duchray Park, Duchray Street, Riddrie, G33 2DD
Established May 2008
High Carntyne Allotments have been around for more than 70 years and were originally at Corston Street, Carntyne. Unfortunately, much to the Plot‐holders dismay, the site was earmarked for part of the new East End Regeneration Route. A new site was built at Duchray Park and was opened in May 2008. There are 31 individual plots, each with a shed and a greenhouse.

Kennyhill Community Allotments - Dinart street/Duchray St Riddrie G33
Established 1917 extended 1924
Kennyhill Community Allotments are amongst the oldest in Glasgow, with records going back to 1916. They are allotments with tales to tell: old and new, good and bad times. Older plot‐holders swear that it takes 14 doors to make a shed. Newer plot‐holders prefer plastic greenhouses. Some will grow a traditional crop of potatoes and leaks, others have gone all organic and airy‐fairy with their peppers and aubergines. The plots are charming but worn at the edges. In the ‘70s, they almost closed when the roads department was building the M8 next door. In recent years, the plots have seen a slow but sure revival. They include Riddrie Community Gardens where community groups come and work day in day out and rain or shine. There’s a new vitality and spirit with many new plot holders trying the good life for themselves

Oatlands Leisure Gardens - 10 Logan Gardens, Oatlands, G5
Established March 2010
There have been allotments in Oatlands since the 1980s. However, the old site has been closed and a new site established nearby. Bett Homes has provided the new site and although it is smaller, with 15.5 allotments, each plot has a shed and is fenced off giving the look of a small garden. We also have a meeting room.

Shettleston Community Growing Project - 60 Eckford Street G32 7AG
Established March 2011
The new allotment has 50 raised beds or plots, a communal fruit bed, seven hot houses, a wildflower meadow, and a communal area for workshops and open days. The beds have been constructed using top quality, sustainable Scottish larch, which has an estimated lifespan of over 20 years. Elsewhere, recycled timber has been used for the shelter area, which also has a green roof that collects rainwater, transferring it into recycled whisky barrels where 8000 litres can be used for irrigating the beds. Individuals, families, schools or community groups are able to apply for a plot and everything they grow in it will be for their own consumption.

Hamiltonhill Allotments - Ellesmere Street, Hamiltonhill, G22 5QT
Established by 1933
A chance to see inside these vibrant and thriving allotments, close to the city centre. Walk around plots and meet members on the allotments. There is also a butterfly and wildlife garden with a pond which is open to all as well as a community garden accessible to the public any Saturday afternoon. On‐street parking.

New Victoria Gardens - Glenapp St G41 2NQ
One of the oldest (if not the oldest) site established around 1879.

The gardens provide an historic haven of cultivation with increased organic gardening and companion planting, wildlife has been returning in recent years. There are 60 plots rented by enthusiasts of all ages from a wide cross‐section of the community.

Holmlea Gardens Allotments - Greenholme Street, Cathcart, G44 4DU
Established 1908
Described by members as ‘a wee oasis’, Holmlea is a small private site of 27 full allotments, many of which are divided to allow more people to have a chance to grow. Holmlea is hidden from view and unknown to many in the south side, other than the regular commuters on the Cathcart Circle train line. It is a site with a
very friendly community atmosphere and run entirely by its members.

Mansewood Allotments - Mansewood High Park, off Burnfield Road, G43 1BY
Established post‐WW2
Last year Mansewood was one of the smallest sites in the city. It was much larger in the post‐war years, serving many residents of the local flats. Like many sites, Mansewood became neglected through the 1990s, with only 22 worked plots but has recently been reinvigorated with clearing of overgrown plots and an
additional 20 new plots

Queen’s Park Allotments - Langside Road, G42 9QL
Established 1917
The allotments were created circa 1917 and are situated in Queens Park on the south side of Glasgow. There are 55 full allotments and some of these are halved. Plotholders who are present will be happy to talk about their allotment.

Beechwood Allotments - Beechwood Drive, Broomhill, G11 7HZ
Established by 1933
The Beechwood Allotment site sits on the south facing slope of one of Glasgow’s drumlins, in the Broomhill part of the west end. On a clear day you can even see Goatfell on Arran from the top of the site. The site has 29 plots, growing anything from traditional crops to soft fruit, exotic vegetables and culinary and medicinal herbs. There are also many permanent trees and shrubs, making the site an escape from the city. There will be informal tours of the site with background information and site history. Access will be from the gate at the top of Beechwood Drive. There is free parking on the street, but not within the site.

Kelvinside Allotments - Julian Avenue Allotments Mirrlees Drive, G12 0SS

Kirklee Allotments Kirklee Road, G12 OSH
Established 1917
Kelvinside Allotments Association has two sites: one between Julian Avenue and Mirrlees Drive, the other a few minutes away on Kirklee Road, on the left just before Kirklee Bridge. The two sites together contain more than one hundred plots, where tenants grow a wide range of allotment staples and some less usual fruit and vegetables.

Trinley Brae Allotments: Knightswood Road, G13 2HH
Established pre‐WW2 and 1970s (2 halves)
Trinley Brae Allotments is a community of 30 plots situated on a hillside with great views overlooking Knightswood. Supporting wildlife and biodiversity is a key trend at TBA – we have a wildlife plot, several ponds, bug habitats and wildlife‐friendly plants. Every plot has its own character and charm.