Govan's rubbish is stuck in the hedges and fencing and all over the place


But there are no bins


I went down Helen St taking pictures - most of the rubbish either in the hedge at the bottom of Helen St or around McDonald's / Asda  and to a lesser extent Pizza Hut etc


Raking out the rubbish I expected it to be from pedestrians but let's face it most pedestrians too busy carrying shopping to eat meal or drink coffee late - suppostiion is that this is rubbish emptied out of cars to keep them clean


There is a theory that creating rubbish creates jobs - Not True

Creating rubbish creates a mess

But the message also was that people will try to find something to put rubbish in - well pedestrians anyway so more bins and more dog bins - what about worm bins because one of the issues is that the dog bins are so small and dont get cleared fast enough - even the big bin in Elderpark


Anyway had loads of images but jimdo is not working so decided to try this instead :


Govan/s rubbish