Occupy Glasgow is Alive!!

So what has happened to Occupy Glasgow since the square? Where did it wented?


Well for the sake of the Xmas happiness of Glasgow citizens we moved off the square - leaving it very nice and tidy now rubbish at all at all and went down to Kelvin Grove which had been prepared for us by the council with lights and portable toilets and a water tap


The water tap was just by the gate which was useful as long as you didnt let it run because then that would add to the water on the site which was already a bog and that was before the rain started

the toilets were placed at the other side of the field which was not possibly the best place in hindsight due to the fact that one had to plough over the muddy field to get there - our disabled members found it quite difficult to access - a muddy uphill struggle

Of course had campers set their tents along the tree line perhaps it might have helped but after the worries of George Square someone decided it would be best to move tents kitchen and camp fire to the middle of the bog - one would have thought the reeds growing on the site might have been an indication of what was to come.  Namely rain and mud

We tried to address this with carpeting and pallets and wood chip in the end seemed the best solution - since parks have to pay to dump their wood chip this seemed like a good solution but then there were other issues

There were no drains in the road directing the water down to the river, so all rain water eventually seeped through into the field


A cynic might say it was a genuine masterstroke on the part of the Land and Environmental Service who were very supportive allegedly of the global Occupy Movement considering the socialist history of GCC, but possibly whose masters could not afford to be seen supporting the rebels


Anyway if it was a ploy it worked very well and the mud and rain worked it's way down the necks and into the tents of the occupiers who braved the elements to the admiration and sympathy of many


There were a few issues with dog walkers who were accustomed to using that ground - apparently afraid to use the gate within the park for fear of molestation, many walkers complained about not being able to sue the gate from the road which now was fenced off for campers

So campers being the good natured people they are tried to accommodate this by moving some of the harris fencing supplied by the city including the tap and create a small entrance

However the dogs kept escaping into the camp which annoyed the owners - again a redeisgn but sadly the gate was not easy - and needed a good bang to close it - and often wold swing open after some visitor would think it was closed.

Dog walkers, fearing dogs might stray into the traffic became passionate and threw a few heated words our way


And then came the gale.  The council begged all campers to go home for the night until the gale had passed for fear of falling limbs - Campers obliged and the next news was that the main snug / weather tight tent was on fire

Which was pretty much the end of everything

So then came the clearup and the rubbish and tents were sorted over a week or so.  Tents bedding and sodden clothing were taken away and washed clean of the mud and leeches

Sadly we were short of resources and unable to wash everything so some clothes inevitably went to the council recycling depot along with other items but I think we did a pretty good job of cleaning up


Some would like to sprinkle a few wild flowers in the mud and see if they come up, but I think they will just end up getting mown down


Meanwhile there is a group which meets at the weekend for a general assembly to iron out how the movement should progress and work out how to protect members from injury etc.  Working groups are beginning to be set up again and hopefully the movement will soldier on in support of a better global system


Anyone interested is welcome to come along and add their energies to the group - advice of meetings are usually pasted on the Occupy Glasgow Facebook site The original one was overtaken by a version 2 which had 6000 visitors

However this got hi-jacked and there is a new Occupy Glasgow site which people are invited to check out

The Edinburgh movement moved from St Anderews Sq to the Meadows before finding out that the courts had actually refused an eviction notice.  They have agreed to close that camp and are negociating office space with Edinburgh Council who also support the Occupy Movement - Occupi

Will we become Occupy Scotland? Will there be a political party from all of this or shall we simply become another pressure group


Many other projects are springing up around the city - urban community gardens and workspaces - ideas for free food and energy - for time banks and a city pound - it is an exciting time and holds much promise as we try to show solidarity to the citizens around the world who are struggling to ward off oppressive regimes and claim their human rights


We wish them all well and are determined to try to keep the movement alive, aiming to use the awareness to further inform, all the while trying to Occupy some small place at least in everyones hearts and minds

Occupy Art

Posters and buttons

The "God has no religion" image is not sadly not mine - wish it were but think it is awesome

there are some other images - notably "smiley glasgow occupied" and the "scotland occupied tartan fist" again not mine but have used them liberally about cos they is the biz

Also the " corporatocracy" image i found on the occupy site and have messed about to create the image "pyramid corporatocracy"  - you might say i took it and ran - hope noone minds

"the world as it is" pic really funny but when blown up you cant really see it so i redrew the outlines and text for anyone out there's benefit - cos is is brilliant too

Apologies and many thanks to the real authors - maybe i will find out who they are one day

To Move or not to move



Petition out to prove to council actually two petitions

one for xmas festivities


one for rememberance day service


we are asked to sign the petition if we want the peace camp to stay


Sorry for lack of Service but we are Occupying Glasgow


18 oct early doors

Great day yesterday everybody being really nice

The group put together a nice letter to the Glasgow City Council

Police arrived early morning to check we were ok

They asked if we were going to stay another day

Told them we were here til xmas and they laughed and said brilliant

Later on a rep from Glasgow City Environmental Services came by to meet us and generally find out what we were up to

Think they were holding a meeting about what to do

It began to pour

A while later the Head of Environmental Services Andy Waddell, came out to talk to us


He was very nice, and welcomed us and we discussed some health and safety issues

He told us that the council is currently restoring statues in the square and putting up the xmas decor - angels etc.  At present they are working on the other side of the square.  We asked how long it would take to get round to our side and he said about a week.

He said that they would rather we move out - the grass is getting muddy and he has a rememberance program on in two weeks and has to returf etc


They offered us a site on Glasgow Green with portaloos, which was a very generous gesture.

However, not all members were there to make a decision, and some members were unwilling to move because of lack of visuality.  We also discussed some othere sites which might be more suitalbe

Really it is for members to decide and when we can get together we hope to give Mr Waddell an answer tomorrow

A singing group turned up and gave a lovely performance, and a new gazebo arrived with walls!!!!! Terrific.  We hope to get another  gazebo with walls tomorrow - luxury - hopefully that will sort out the kitchen problem at least

If we get really lucky we may get one of those camping stoves with two burners and a grill and a 1.3kg gas cylinder because the way things are going the wee gas butane cannisters are really expensive and run out fast - on the other hand they ar easier to carry around

Alll is well all is calm - apparently there has been some trouble in Edinburgh but we remain a peaceful few - as are our brothers in Bristol also ready to stay til Xmas - yaay

And we got a mention on STV website

16 oct Arrived late as usual, so missed the show, but spent yesterday evening with a nice bunch of people prepared to stay out in the rain and wind to support all the people round the world taking a stand to alert government to the fact that they are aware that one percent of the global population are not living by the rules - God's rules - be kind and do no harm

Spirits are cheeerful and the local community have welcomed them with open arms

So far so good

Good day - had a shower, now off for kip

All Round the World, God Bless you All